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IMB is a three-letter abbreviation that may refer to:

  • IMB Banking & Financial Services, Australian banking institution
  • Independent Monitoring Board, a group of officials who monitor and report on the conditions in which prisoners are held in English and Welsh jails
  • the former New York Stock Exchange stock symbol for Indymac Bancorp, the parent company of Indymac Bank, Pasadena, California
  • Insect Molecular Biology, a scientific journal.
  • Institute of Marine Biosciences, part of the National Research Council of Canada
  • Institute of Molecular Biology in Mainz, Germany
  • The Institute for Molecular Bioscience, a research institute at The University of Queensland, Australia
  • Integrated Media Block, a component in a digital cinema projection system
  • Integrated Mobile Broadcast, a technology for MobileTV application using 3G/4G networks
  • Intelligent Mail Barcode, a 65-bar code applied to mail in the United States.
  • Intermenstrual bleeding
  • The International Maritime Bureau, a specialised bureau of the International Chamber of Commerce
  • The International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention
  • Irish Medicines Board, the Irish authority for pharmacovigilance reporting
  • The Irvine-Michigan-Brookhaven detector, a nucleon decay detector and neutrino observatory in Ohio