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Ilves ( Finnish for " Lynx", ) is a Finnish ice hockey team. They play in the Liiga at the Hakametsä.

The colors of Ilves, green, yellow and black, were taken from what was then the coat of arms of the city of Tampere.

Ilves (disambiguation)

Ilves is a Finnish sports club from Tampere.

Ilves may also refer to:

  • Ilves (surname)
  • Hotel Ilves, a hotel in Tampere, Finland
  • FC Ilves, a football team of Ilves, Tampere
  • Jämsänkosken Ilves, a Finnish sports club from Jämsänkoski
  • Riihimäen Ilves, a Finnish football club from Riihimäki
  • SS Edenhurst or SS Ilves, a cargo ship
Ilves (surname)

Ilves is an Estonian surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Toomas Hendrik Ilves (born 1953), current President of Estonia
  • Aapo Ilves (born 1970), Estonian poet, writer, artist and musician
  • Andres Ilves, American journalist
  • Evelin Ilves (born 1968), current First Lady of Estonia
  • Heimar Ilves (1914–2002), composer and musical pedagogue
  • Kristjan Ilves (born 1996), bisthlete and ski jumper
  • Silvia Ilves (born 1992), cellist