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The Illuvar are a caste of people from Tamil Nadu or Kerala. They are also known as Iluvar, Ezhuvar, Ezhuva, Izhuva, Illathar

Traditionally, the Illuvars have been Ayurveda vaidyars (doctors), farmers, cultivators and traders. Some are also involved in texile manufacturing, liquor business and toddy tapping. In Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, they are variously known as Edigas, Goud, Gowda Andhra Pradesh, Billava, Bhandari, Srisayana, or Setti Balijas and Nadar, Illathu Pillaimar in Tamil Nadu and Jaiswal, Poojary in Maharashtra and Nalavar, Durave in Sri Lanka and also spread over in different cstes name in all over India.

Ezhuva or Ezhuvar or Izhuva are also from same community, but more closer to Kerala's Ezhava caste in language and culture. These people are also found in Palakkad district of Kerala; they speak a mixture of Tamil and Malayalam.

The caste in Tamil Nadu has following names as per the OBC list of Tamil Nadu central government

  • Ezhuva
  • Illuvar
  • Ezhuvar
  • Illathar
  • Illathu Pillaimar
  • Sirukudi Vellalar
  • Nadar
  • Ezhava
  • Billava
  • Arya Ediga
  • Srisayana kshatriya , Setti balija]
  • kalwar
  • Durave
  • Bhandari or Poojary
  • Jaiswal or Kalsuri or Kshatriya Kalal

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