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ILUG-Delhi is a Linux User Group, and is the Delhi Chapter of the India Linux User Group community (ILUG).

ILUGD regularly organises meetings to discuss Free and Open Source Software. Meetings are usually organized once a month and announced on the linux-delhi mailing-list.1

Linux-Delhi has also conducted events such as the Linux Demo Day for popularisation of FOSS.

Since 2005, ILUGD has also been organising (formerly "FreeDel") to popularize FOSS tools and philosophy. The first of these events took place on the 17th and 18 September 2005.

In the months of June, July and August 2006, a bio-informatics workshop was run in collaboration with JNU Bio Informatics Centre, to develop FOSS solutions in Bio-Informatics field and to nurture talent in FOSS tools and languages.

FreeDel 2006 was conducted to bring together all FOSS talent in the region and showcase it, to inspire NGO(Non-Governmental/Non-profit Organizations), Educational institutions and Governmental Institutions to adopt FOSS solutions.