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n. 1 Multiple emigrants residing illegally in a country. 2 (plural of illegal English)

Usage examples of "illegals".

Whether you know it or not, immigration and the problems with illegals in America is one of the biggest problems America is facing today.

The problem has continued to grow out of all proportion with the flood of legals and illegals into our country since then.

Republicrats and Demicans prevail, these illegals may be given amnesty and allowed to vote.

Formerly opposed to amnesty on the grounds that illegals took jobs away from American citizens, it has a new position.

Based on sheer greed for shrinking pension dollars, the AFL-CIO now favors amnesty for illegals residing in the United States!

Incredibly, our president thinks amnesty for illegals is a swell idea.

Curtail the foreigners by, for instance, speeding up deportation procedures for illegals and tightening regulations for family members to join immigrants already in Germany.

One illegals possession at age twenty-three, and one assault last spring.