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Ilkhchi (, also Romanized as Īlkhchī; ) is a town in and the capital of Ilkhchi District, in Osku County, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran. According to year 2006 nationwide census, its population has been reported approximately 13,927 people and 4,014 families.

Ilkhchi (disambiguation)

Ilkhchi is a city in East Azerbaijan Province, Iran.

Ilkhchi or Ilkhechi , also rendered as Ilchi or Ilkhchih or Ilikhchi, may also refer to various places in Iran:

  • Ilkhchi, Germ, Ardabil Province
  • Ilkhchi, Kowsar, Ardabil Province
  • Ilkhchi-ye Olya, Ardabil Province
  • Ilkhchi-ye Sofla, Ardabil Province
  • Ilkhechi, Hashtrud, East Azerbaijan Province
  • Ilkhchi District, in East Azerbaijan Province
  • Ilchi-ye Bala, Hormozgan Province