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a. (context Scotland or archaic English) each or every


Ilka may refer to:

  • Ilka, Iran, a village in Mazandaran Province
  • Ilka Chase (1900–1978), American actress and novelist
  • Ilka Freifrau von Boeselager, German politician, representative of the German Christian Democratic Union
  • Ilka Gedő (1921–1985), Jewish Hungarian artist
  • Ilka Grünig (1876–1964), Jewish actress forced to flee Europe when the Nazis came to power in 1933
  • Ilka Knickenberg (born 1969), German actress
  • Ilka Lochner-Borst, German politician, representative of the German Christian Democratic Union
  • Ilka Pálmay (1859–1945), born Ilona Petráss, a Hungarian-born singer and actress
  • Ilka Tanya Payán (1943–1996), Dominican actress and attorney who later became a prominent AIDS/HIV activist in the United States
  • Ilka Semmler (born 1985), German beach volleyball player
  • Ilka Stitz (born 1960), German writer

Usage examples of "ilka".

I carried Ilka inside, laying her on the wide bed, turning her to her side so that the broken arrow jutted upwards.

Piercollo, Ilka and I were already awake, and we gathered our belongings and followed Mace out into the trees.

Even Ilka was smiling as we followed the hunchback down, finding him sitting at the foot of the hill staring at his broken bow.

Piercollo refused a weapon, but Ilka also chose a short sword, curved like a small sabre, which she belted to her slim waist.

Piercollo and Wulf were already asleep, while Ilka sat staring into the dying fire, lost in thoughts she could not share.

Piercollo and Ilka were the first to climb the stairs, followed by Wulf and myself.

Wulf, Piercollo, Ilka and I left the place just after midnight and slept in a field close by.

Mace walked to the front while Wulf, Ilka and I remained behind the listeners.

For some minutes I sat with them, but battle plans and strategies were of little interest to me then and I wandered away with Ilka to sit on a stone wall and stare out over the mountains.

And Ilka - sweet Ilka - was raped as a child and had her tongue torn from her mouth.

But since Ilka has discovered purity, perhaps you would like to take her place.

The two women sat close together and, every once in a while, Astiana would look at Ilka and nod or shake her head.

The last of his men ran at Ilka but an arrow punched through his back, high on the shoulder, just as he reached her.

As he arched back, screaming, Ilka stepped forward to slash her sabre through his throat.

Piercollo walked away towards Wulf and Ilka came to sit upon my left, Astiana beside her.