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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ And that means it also had authentic city fathers other than New World Homes and their ilk.
▪ Anything is possible, because the political allegiance of Jennifer and her ilk is up for grabs.
▪ Encryption systems and their ilk are technologies of disconnection.
▪ Kromko noted lawyers and their ilk are fond of worthless boiler-plate.
▪ The fish of the day, a grilled sole, was of the same ilk.
▪ The level of presentational skills used here is of the highest ilk - totally absorbing.
▪ To Jody, this is all Jurassic Age thinking, and Rich and his ilk are dinosaurs.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ilk \Ilk\, a. [Scot. ilk, OE. ilke the same, AS. ilca. Cf. Each.] Same; each; every. [Archaic]

Of that ilk, (a) denoting that a person's surname and the title of his estate are the same; as, Grant of that ilk, i.e., Grant of Grant. [Scottish]
--Jamieson. (a) Of the same kind.


Ilk \Ilk\ ([i^]lk), n. Kind; class; sort; type; as, him and his ilk; -- sometimes used to indicate disapproval when applied to people.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English ilca "same" (n. and adj.), from Proto-Germanic *ij-lik, in which the first element is from the PIE demonstrative particle *i- (see yon) and the second is that in Old English -lic "form" (see like). Of similar formation are which and such. Phrase of that ilk implies coincidence of name and estate, as in Lundie of Lundie; applied usually to families, so by c.1790 it began to be used with meaning "family," then broadening to "type, sort."


a. (context Scotland and Northern England English) very; same. n. A type, race or category; a group of entities that have common characteristics such that they may be grouped together.


n. a kind of person; "I don't like people of his ilk"


Ilk is a village in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, in the Northern Great Plain region of eastern Hungary.

Usage examples of "ilk".

Even the stable forms of Pandronian life, like be Bem and his ilk, were capable under proper stimulus of disassociating.

Ilk a man as he loves, let him send to the Cooks, It is eith to swim where the head is hild up.

Debt-holders Druz Thennict, Pralit Peff, Barrakta Ilk, Uster Taran, Lystry Maullict, all of Letheras.

Heaven help the poor creatures if the Tandu or Soro or similar ilk collect them!

The Camarilla, Prince Benison and all his ilk, ignored the insolence of the anarchs because centuries ago there had been a war with the anarchs, and now the Camarilla had no other choice.

Certainly Brillante and some of his ilk were growing tired of an unwanted stranger in their midst, and now that Owain had revealed himself, he would have to be even more careful on the streets lest he be recognized.

Vaidro had traveled the length and breadth of Maske, and now lived like a minor magnate in an ancient hunting lodge, once the property of the Cimbar of the now-extinct Cimbar ilk.

Especially if one has ever witnessed the carrying-on in a white Pentecostal church, or other churches of that particular ilk.

The larger, elder man was Sir Aonghas Dubh, Chief of that ilk, Regulus of the Isles, Earl of Ross, and Earl of Inverness Shire.

He knew Privv of old as a result of some indiscretions by members of his flock and, despite his religious principles, he found it hard not to despise him and other Sheeters of his ilk, who wilfully peddled anything that was hurtful and claimed it as a precious civic trust.

Other Glints, notably those ilks resident in the High Marcatives, became bandits, raiding the depots of Isedel, and even Swange and Glistelamet, for tools, fabric and wealth.

Since the gods made mirrors, or at least made men who made mirrors, he and his ilk see no contradiction in using them as props to obtain the desired theurgic effect.

And once we lose sight of the fact that this yotmg man and others of his ilk are very much victimizers, we also lose sight of the Kenny Myerses and Shawn Moores and Cassie Hansens of the world-the true innocents.

And protect Ardath, who would go to war for him, and who by no means should attempt it, against Algol and his ilk.

Like most Baltimoreans, Tess had more experience than she wanted with visiting presidents, First Ladies, cabinet secretaries, and their ilk.