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Usage examples of "ilich".

Matvei Ilich Kolyazin, son of the Kolyazin whose patronage the Kirsanov brothers once enjoyed.

But, after so confounding his subordinate, Matvei Ilich no longer paid him any attention.

Matvei Ilich was just this sort of higher official, even though he was considered a liberal.

Matvei Ilich said, interrupting him and giving a self-satisfied chuckle.

Matvei Ilich came up to her with an imposing air and obsequious phrases.

Ivan Ilich concludes on his deathbed that the only happy moments in his life had been when he was a child: all these memories he associates with food - particularly, for some reason, prunes.

Ivan Ilich sees that he has existed entirely for himself and that his life has therefore been a waste.

And that was why Ivan Ilich was at ease only when Gerasim was with him .

Ivan Ilich, at the final conscious moment of his life, to overcome his fear.

Ivan Ilich Mechnikov, an official in the judicial service, whose brother furnished Tolstoy with a detailed account of his final days.

In keeping with the implied dichotomy, and to keep an eye on each other, TWIN is run by two high ranking officers: Ilich Yevgeniy of KGB, Victor Nikolayevich of GRU.

Yulian Mastakovich, Yemilyan Ilich and Astafiy Ivanovich are examples of this.

Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, later Carlos the assassin, had been trained in the American compound of Novgorod, where the streets were lined with American gas stations and grocery stores, boutiques and Burger Kings, and everyone spoke American English with diverse dialects—.

Correspondents based in Caracas have been unable to unearth any birth certificates anywhere in the country for an Ilich Ramirez Sanchez.