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Usage examples of "ilian".

Unlike the gaunt but spacious country along the Ilian Shelf, this was narrow enough, and at the same time rich enough, that many of its farmers could dwell in the community.

Through the rich plain, along the water-way Right to the great gates of the Ilian wall.

Then suddenly there sped the bolt of Fate, And smote Achilles by the Ilian wall: XLIII.

Homer was not thinking of the Dawn, or the Cloud when he described Helen among the Elders on the Ilian walls, or repeated her lament over the dead body of Hector.

But I have been called Urlik Skarsol and John Daker and Ilian of Garathorm to my certain knowledge.

A group of two hundred and seventy soldiers from the First Cavalry Division is headed from the Ilian army base to Corvath on a merchant Windship.

Paris, the beginning of evil to Achaeans and Ilian men, is only mentioned once by Homer, late, and in a passage of doubtful authenticity.

They followed the north branch of the Fendi, called the Ilian, past the waterfalls where her boat had crashed.

She endured throughout the day as they hugged the eastern shore of the Ilian, walking miles out of their way.

In bucket brigade fashion, it traveled down to the Ilian, returning filled with water.

Magnolias and rhododendrons, vast chrysanthemums and roses bloomed to make a world in which Ilian coexisted with all manner of huge insects and birds.