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Ilham is both a given name and a surname. Notable people with the name include:

Given name:

  • Ilham Akbarli (born 1991), Azerbaijani writer
  • Ilham Aliyev (born 1961), President of Azerbaijan since 2003
  • Ilham al-Madfai (born c. 1942), Iraqi guitarist, singer and composer
  • Ilham Chahine (born 1961), Egyptian actress
  • Ilham Ghali of Kazan (c. 1449 – c. 1490), khan of Kazan Khanate
  • Ilham Hussain (born 1955), wife of Dr. Mohammed Waheed Hassan
  • Ilham Jaya Kesuma, Indonesian footballer
  • Ilham Moussaïd, French politician
  • Ilham Tohti (born 1969), Uyghur economist serving a life sentence in China, on separatism-related charges
  • Ilham Yadullayev (born 1975), Azerbaijani footballer
  • Ilham Zakiyev (born 1980), Azerbaijani judo practitioner


  • Muhammad Ilham (born 1981), Indonesian footballer