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n. (ileum English) (Compare ilia)


ILEA may refer to:

  • Indiana Law Enforcement Academy
  • Inner London Education Authority
  • International Law Enforcement Academies

Usage examples of "ilea".

He wanted to have Rosa Marie punished, but when Ilea swore not to see her again, the king agreed to let her be.

Unknown to him though, princess Ilea has been secretly visiting the woman by sneaking out at night.

After a much-needed visit, both women agreed it was time for Ilea to go.

In fear that she would be caught, Ilea said her goodbyes after assuring herself that her friend would be okay.

While Ilea made her way around the large oak for a better look, she tripped on a root in the ground and fell before him.

In the middle of them all, he saw princess Ilea sitting next to her father.

He smiles at the thought of Princess Ilea as his personal servant and chuckles at the thought of her father dying a slow death.

His mother and Princess Ilea show their approval with a smile, as the king speaks.

Kady stood to one side, rain coming down hard on her, as he 290 L EG E N D exposed what looked pt, Ilea the vines away and .