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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ile \Ile\, n. [AS. egl.] Ear of corn. [Obs.]


Ile \Ile\, n. [See Aisle.] An aisle. [Obs.]
--H. Swinburne.


Ile \Ile\, n. [See Isle.] An isle. [Obs.]


Etymology 1 n. (context obsolete English) Ear of corn. Etymology 2

n. (context obsolete English) An aisle. Etymology 3

n. (context obsolete English) An isle. Etymology 4

contraction (context archaic English) I’ll; contraction for I will or I shall


ILE can refer to:

  • Intermittent Layer Extrusion, a process which allows the extrusion of a variable layer thickness tube (see 2 1/2D)
  • Institution of Lighting Engineers, (ILE) UK and Ireland's largest professional lighting association
  • Ivor Lewis Esophagectomy, a surgical procedure. See Esophagectomy.
  • Institución Libre de Enseñanza, a Spanish education organization associated with Residencia de Estudiantes
  • Intuitive Logical Extrovert, a Socionics term
  • Skylark Field, Killeen, Texas, IATA airport code
  • Indefinite life extension, the hypothetical elimination of aging via medicine
  • Integrated Language Environment, a programming language model developed by IBM for their midrange line of computers
  • Intermediate Level Education, at United States Army Command and General Staff College
  • ILE (singer), a singer from Puerto Rico
ILE (singer)

Ileana Mercedes Cabra Joglar (April 28, 1989), better known as ILE, is a Puerto Rican singer, composer, and vocalist who for 10 years was the sole female singer of the Puerto Rican band Calle 13, performing along with her brothers René Pérez Joglar (" Residente") and Eduardo Cabra Joglar (" Visitante"). In June 2016 she released her first solo album.

Usage examples of "ile".

The English were howling, the French were shouting, a trumpet was calling from the barbican and every church bell on the Ile Saint Jean was tolling the alarm.

Car le vieux chef, qui a vu les Cicones, les Lotophages, les Cyclopes, les Lestrygons, les Sirenes, et qui a partage la couche des deesses et des magiciennes, est devore du desir de revoir enfin son ile, sa femme et son fils.

He got almost a proprietary kick out of first emphasizing the murky waters and overcrowded sands of the Croisette beaches, until she was as saddened as a child with a broken toy, and then taking her on a mere fifteen-minute ferry ride to the Ile Ste Marguerite and over the eucalyptus-shaded walks to the clean rocky coves on the other side which only a few fortunate tourists ever find.

The reporter studied all these widely-different types and made his observations while pretending to a ravenous appetite, which served, moreover, to fix him in the good graces of his hosts of the datcha des Iles.

The doctors ordered absolute rest and so we settled here in the datcha des Iles.

She had carried him herself in a case and had placed him herself on the lawn of the datcha des Iles, that he might continue to watch over her happiness and over the life of her Feodor.

Ah, Rouletabille cursed his curiosity, for - he saw it now - it was the desire to approach the mystery revealed by Koupriane and to penetrate once more, through all the besetting dangers, an astounding and perhaps monstrous enigma, that had brought him to the threshold of the datcha des Iles, which had placed him in the trembling hands of Matrena Petrovna in promising her his help.

They will have to watch the datcha des Iles at night, without anyone possibly suspecting it.

He hailed the first carriage that passed and gave the address of the datcha des Iles.

He comprehended only one thing, that a man named Priemkof, whom he had never heard spoken of, as determined as Matiew to destroy the general, had been entrusted by Koupriane with the guard of the datcha des Iles.

He knew that his plan must succeed at once, or in five minutes at the latest there would be only ruins, the dead and the dying in the datcha des Iles.

Without you, they would not have sent to find physicians who could blow up the datcha des Iles.

Minotaurus a monster in Creete, born of Pasiphae which being inclosed in the laborinth fed on mans flesh, whome Theseus slew and got out of the laborinth by a clew of thred giuen by Ariadne king Minoes daughter, after wife to Theseus, who did forsake hir, and left hir in a disinhabited Ile, notwithstanding that she had saued his life.

At daybreak the bishops not only of the Ile, but of Bordeaux and Rouen and Canterbury, with many others, assembled to asperge the edifice with lustral water.

Ducos, on the Isle of Pines, which in those days had been sacred to political prisoners, and discipline there had been, even then, lax compared to that of the Ile Nou, the very heart of prison-land, where Maxime Dalahaide was dragging out the weary years of his lost life.