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Iku or IKU may refer to:

  • I.K.U., a 2001 Japanese erotic cyberpunk film
  • Iku (singer), a Japanese singer
  • Arhuaco language (ISO 639: arh), also known as Ikʉ, a Chibchan language of Colombia
  • Iku language (ISO 639: ikv), a Plateau language of Nigeria
  • Inuktitut (ISO 639: iku), an Inuit language of Canada
  • Istanbul Kültür University (İKÜ), in Istanbul, Turkey
Iku (singer)

Iku is a Japanese pop singer who is signed to Geneon Entertainment Inc. She debuted in 2008 with on March 19. Iku is only part of Geneon but not I've Sound.

In 2015, she joined I've Sound as official member.