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Ijo may refer to:

  • Ijaw people of Nigeria, Africa
  • Ijoid languages
  • Ijo Temple, a 10th-century Hindu temple in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Usage examples of "ijo".

They left scorching tracks in the land, and Ijo the Scholar had his arm singed by one, though he was not badly hurt.

After them went Naxa, Ment the Sweeper, Min, and Stum, and then Bress the Carpenter, Hilth of the Builders, Ijo the Scholar, Scardil the Butcher.

A moment later Ijo the Scholar put his hand to his forehead and drew it away bloody.

It would be challenge enough just getting our own weakest Pilgrims up this cliff, Bilair and Ijo and Chaliza and ones like that.

But then Seppil the Carpenter disappeared, and Ijo the Scholar, and our other Scholar too, little Bilair.

Then Ijo the Scholar came back, looking somewhat changed from what he had been, but he would not say where he had been or what had befallen him.

Naxa the Scribe and Ijo the Scholar, sitting side by side, had their mouths gaping open loosely as though they had been struck on the head by clubs.