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IJK or ijk may refer to:

  • International Youth Congress of Esperanto
  • Imad Jack Karam, a Lebanese singer-songwriter
  • Izhevsk Airport - IATA code
  • Y-Chromosomal Haplogroup "IJK"
  • Unit vectors in the Cartesian coordinates are denoted by $\mathbf{\hat{\boldsymbol{\imath}}}$, $\mathbf{\hat{\boldsymbol{\jmath}}}$ and $\mathbf{\hat{\boldsymbol{k}}}$ where $\mathbf{\hat{\boldsymbol{\imath}}} = \begin{bmatrix}1\\0\\0\end{bmatrix}, \,\, \mathbf{\hat{\boldsymbol{\jmath}}} = \begin{bmatrix}0\\1\\0\end{bmatrix}, \,\, \mathbf{\hat{\boldsymbol{k}}} = \begin{bmatrix}0\\0\\1\end{bmatrix}$
  • Unit quaternions, similarly, are typically represented by i, j, and k.
  • Indhiya Jananayaga Katchi, a political party in Tamil Nadu, South India
IJK (singer songwriter)

Imad Jack Karam, known by his initials and stage name IJK, is a Lebanese singer-songwriter now based in Dubai. He is best known for his alternative rock style and crooner sound and has released songs in English despite being a native Lebanese artist.