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Ihy is a god in ancient Egyptian mythology who represents the ecstasy of playing the sistrum. His name may mean "sistrum player", referring to his function, or "calf". This is in allusion to his relationship with the cow goddess Hathor who was often said to be his mother. Other goddesses might be called his mother, however, including Isis, Sekhmet, and Neith. The god Horus is Ihy's father. Ihy was depicted as a child holding a sistrum or as a nude child with his finger in his mouth. He was worshiped alongside Horus and Hathor at Dendera. Hathor was his mother and Horus as his father

Ihy (vizier)

Ihy was an Ancient Egyptian official of the Fifth Dynasty, in office most likely under king Unas. Ihy was vizier and was therefore the most important official at the royal court only second to the king. Next to the titles of a vizier, he was also overseer of the treasuries, overseer of the scribes of the king's document, overseer of all royal works and overseer of the double. These are also important titles, demonstrating his important position at the royal court.

Ihy was the owner of a mastaba near the pyramid of king Unas. However, the mastaba was usurped by the king's daughter Seshseshet with the beautiful name of Idut, daughter of king Teti. The names and titles of the vizier are only preserved on the sarcophagus in the burial chamber.