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The International Graduate School of Science and Engineering (IGSSE) is a scientific institution of the Technische Universität München (TUM). Its aim is to integrate Natural and Engineering Sciences through graduate and postgraduate education rooted in a strong research foundation. IGSSE promotes the development of young scientists at TUM in terms of both research and personality. The research and training programs are created for individual qualification and development. The main focus is on the scientific excellence of every graduate's individual doctoral research and thesis.

Main research areas of IGSSE are:

  • Computational Science & Engineering
  • Energy, Geodynamics & Environment
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Nanotechnology & Advanced Materials

Important Criteria of an IGSSE- Project are:

  • Interdisciplinary and Team-Oriented – Modern scientific work almost consists in the collaboration of various specialists. The basis of the scientific excellence of IGSSE are the Research Project Groups of TUM.
  • International – IGSSE is open for international guests and researchers. A research assignment abroad is compulsory for all Ph.D. students.
  • Gender Balanced – IGSSE aims to create more diversity in the field of science and engineering. To increase the percentage of women in the program, special attention is being paid to the needs of women, parents and families.
  • Mentoring – Mentoring is an important part of IGSSE. Not only personal excellence should be advanced. Contacts to industry and important scientific institutions should accelerate the career.
  • Organization – Director is Prof. Ernst Rank of the TUM. All members of the IGSSE- Board are excellent scientists and some of them even are heads of IGSSE- Project Groups. Scientific quality should be assured by them.