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IGR may refer to:

  • Iguazu International Airport serving Puerto Iguazú and the nearby falls
  • IGR Iwate Ginga Railway in Iwate Prefecture, Japan
  • Imperial Japanese Government Railways (or, domestically, Imperial Government Railways) of early 20th century Japan
  • Indiana Guard Reserve
  • Insect growth regulator, a chemical that disrupts the growth and/or development of insects
  • The Interessengemeinschaft für Rundfunkschutzrechte (IGR), a broadcasting "IP" rights interest group
    • IGR Stereo, a German standard for analogue TV stereo audio transmission claimed by the above organization.
  • Intergenic region
  • Inscriptiones Graecae ad res Romanas pertinentes, a four-volume selection of Ancient Greek inscriptions from Roman times edited by French historian René Cagnat.