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Igo may refer to:

  • Intergovernmental organization
  • Igo language, a Kwa language of Togo
  • Igo, California, a small town in the United States
  • iGO (software), a satellite navigation software package
  • iGo Inc, an American technology company
  • I-GO, a car sharing service in Chicago, Illinois
  • Girawali Observatory, India
  • Go (game), known as Igo in Japan
  • Isebe language (ISO-639: igo), a Papuan language of Papua New Guinea
IGO (software)

The iGO Navigation Engine, developed by Hungary-based NNG LLC (formerly Nav N Go) is a GPS navigation software package. NNG sells some versions of the software directly to users, as well as to device manufacturers, auto makers, network operators and professional transport specialists. Products based on iGO are available in brands including Becker, Clarion, Pioneer, Samsung and Vodafone.

Igo (singer)

Rodrigo Fomins better known by the stage name Igo (born 29 June 1962, Liepaja, Latvia) is Latvian singer, poet and composer of rock and other music styles.