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iGen is a suite of computer benchmarks designed to test and compare the performance of various systems. Initially developed by Benoit Chaffanjon from Sun Microsystems, it is developed in 100% Java and includes the following workloads:

  • iGenCPU - A CPU microbenchmark simulating fractal generation
  • iGenRAM - A Memory microbenchmark simulating the California Lottery.
  • iGenOLTP - An OLTP database benchmark
  • iGenBATCH - A BATCH database benchmark
  • iGenBIDW - A Business Intelligence database benchmark
  • iGenLDAPs - An LDAP search benchmark
  • iGenLDAPsm - An LDAP SiteMinder emulation benchmark

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IGen (disambiguation)

iGen is a Java benchmarking suite by Sun Microsystems.

iGen or Igen may also refer to:

  • Generation Z or iGeneration
  • Igen, one of the Holds of Pern