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IGC may stand for:

In politics:

  • International Grains Council, an intergovernmental organisation concerned with grains trade
  • Intergovernmental Conference, the formal procedure for negotiating amendments to the founding treaties of the European Union
  • Iraqi Governing Council, the provisional government of Iraq from July 13, 2003 to June 1, 2004

In other fields:

  • The International Growth Centre, a research institute that provides advice on economic growth to the governments of developing countries.
  • The Intergovernmental Commission, which regulates the Channel Tunnel
  • Intelligent Gyro Compass, a heading and motion sensor for ROV and AUV navigation applications.
  • The International Golfboat Committee, a popular golf organisation, based in the United Kingdom.
  • International Geological Congress, a convention held every three to five years by the International Union of Geological Sciences whose main purpose is to encourage the advancement of fundamental and applied research in the earth sciences worldwide.
  • Institute for Global Communications, an institution that provides Internet presence for groups deemed "progressive"
  • the Inhibition Growth Concentration, a measure for the toxicity of a substance.
  • Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, a biological research-oriented institute, belonging to the Gulbenkian Foundation, in Oeiras, Portugal.
  • Inverse gas chromatography
  • International Gliding Commission is the international governing body for the sport of gliding
  • The filename extension( .igc) is used to name computer files produced by flight recorders during flights of gliders (sailplanes)
  • Instant Game Collection, Free games you get from PS Plus on Sony's PlayStation Network (PSN/SEN)
  • Intelligent Graphics Corporation, marketer of the VM/386 multitasking operating system or 'control program'
  • Interchromatin granule cluster, a nanostructure inside the cell nuclei.