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n. (plural of if English)


IFS may refer to:

  • Industrial and Financial Systems - IFS AB, a Swedish company and author of Enterprise resource planning software
  • ifs University College, a UK-based, non profit making body providing financial education
  • Independent Front Suspension, an early type of front-end independent suspension on many passenger vehicles
  • Initial Flight Screening, flight screening used as a prerequisite for Air Force Flight School
  • Institute for Fiscal Studies, a UK-based independent economic research institute
  • Insurance and Financial Services Cluster, an insurance and financial services initiative in Connecticut
  • Integrated Facility Services, a facility services delivery model
  • Internal Family Systems Model, a school of psychotherapy
  • internationale filmschule köln, a filmschool in Cologne, Germany
  • International Financial Statistics, a database maintained by the International Monetary Fund
  • Integrated Forecast System a global meteorological model developed by European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts
  • Islamic Foundation School
  • Institutt for Forsvarsstudier, the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies
  • The Intermediate Frontal Sulcus in Neuroscience
  • Isoflavonoid synthase, an enzyme
  • Importer Security Filing, or 10 + 2, documentation required to import containerized goods into the United States

Usage examples of "ifs".

I did not indeed run much risk, for everything hung from an if, and in the judicious employment of ifs lies the secret of all astrology.

A murdered person rises from the grave and goes after their murderer, no ifs, ands, or buts.