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IFL may refer to:

American football
  • Intense Football League (2004–2008) in the USA, merged into the Indoor Football League
  • Indoor Football League (from 2008) in the USA
  • Intercontinental Football League, a European league proposed by the NFL in the 1970s
  • Israeli Football League
  • Italian Football League
Association football
  • Indonesian Futsal League
  • Indian Football League, a precursor of India's I-League
  • Irish Football League, Northern Ireland
  • Interflug (1963–1990), national airline of East Germany
  • International Fight League, a former American mixed martial arts league
  • Imperial Fascist League, British fascist group of the 1930s
  • Imperial Federation League, advocated consolidation of the British Empire
  • Intact forest landscape
  • Integrated Facility for Linux, an IBM mainframe processor for the Linux operating system
  • Baylor Institute for Faith and Learning, division of a Baptist university in Texas
  • IFL (chemotherapy), a chemotherapy regimen
  • Institute for Learning, a defunct UK body intended to promote teaching
  • Indian Federation of Labour (1941–1948), a British-supported federation of Indian trade unions
  • International Ferro Metals, a ferrochrome producer operating in South Africa
  • Institute for Liberty, an American conservative group advocating a wide range of policies
IFL (chemotherapy)

IFL is a chemotherapy regimen for treatment of certain cancers, consisting of concurrent treatment with irinotecan, leucovorin (folinic acid, and fluorouracil.

It is similar to the FOLFIRI regimen and uses the same drugs. However, the fluorouracil component is given as a bolus injection rather than as an infusion over 48 hours.