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IFE or Ife may refer to:

  • Ife, an ancient Yoruba city in Ogun State of Nigeria
  • Ifè language, a language spoken in Togo and Benin
  • IFE Worldwide, food-and-drinks industry trade show events
  • Federal Electoral Institute (Instituto Federal Electoral), organization that was responsible for organizing federal elections in Mexico
  • Interactive Fiction Engine, software created by Simutronics
  • In-flight entertainment, entertainment offered aboard airlines
  • Institution of Fire Engineers, a worldwide body that provides research, training, conferences and professional qualifications for those interested in the science of fire fighting and science
  • Instituto de Ferrocarriles del Estado, the Venezuelan institution for railways
  • Institute of finance and economics of Mongolia, a business school in Mongolia
  • International Friendship Exhibition, a museum in North Korea that holds gifts to Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il
  • Islamic Forum Europe, a Muslim organization based in the United Kingdom, formed in 1978 by British Bangladeshi Muslims
  • Institute for Energy Technology, the Norwegian Institute for Energy Technology

Usage examples of "ife".

When the first astonishing heads and busts from Ife and Benin were brought to Europe sixty years ago and were seen to be portraits, or very like portraits, they were greeted with a chorus of disbelief: surely they were Greek or Egyptian or even Portuguese, for Negroes had never done anything like that?

Ife and Benin, whether in terra cotta or cast in metal, are famous everywhere.

Meg, who had never lied to her father in her II ife, geg, for whom he would tilt the world on its axis .

He was so moved by this chance brush with the slaver that he could not sleep and spent the night on deck, peering off into the direction of Africa, hoping that God would vouchs ife him a flash of light indicating that the blackbirder had exploded.