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IFD may stand for:

In culture:

  • I Fight Dragons, a Chicago-based Chiptune/Indie rock band
  • Independent Film Distributors, a film distribution company in Britain founded by John and James Woolf
  • International folk dance, a genre of dance wherein selected folk dances from multiple ethnic groups are done by the same dancers
  • Israeli folk dancing, a form of dance usually performed to music from Israel

In technology:

  • I-Frame Delay, a scheduling technique for adaptive streaming of MPEG video
  • Image File Directory, a recurring data structure within the Exchangeable image file format (Exif)

In organisations:

  • Indianapolis Fire Department, the principal fire suppression, prevention, and rescue agency of Indianapolis, Indiana
  • International Federation for the Roofing Trade, a roofing trade union
  • International Foundation for Disabled Sailing, former name of the International Association for Disabled Sailing
  • Information Flow Diagram, an illustration of information flow throughout an organisation
  • Indentation force deflection, a measurement of the "softness" of memory foam

Other uses:

  • Ideal free distribution, a way in which animals distribute themselves among several patches of resources
  • Ilford railway station, England (National Rail station code IFD)
  • Indentation force deflection, a measure of a memory foam's compressibility
  • Industrial, Flexible, and Demountable Building, see portable building
  • Ischemic fiber degeneration, a restriction in blood supply to tissues