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n. (context rare English) (plural of i English), the name of the letter I.


The acronym IES can stand for:

Government organizations

  • Indian Economic Service
  • Indian Education Service, in British India
  • Institute for Environment and Sustainability of the European Commission
  • Institute of Education Sciences

Non-profit organizations

  • Institute for the International Education of Students
  • Illuminating Engineering Society of North America
  • International Enterprise Singapore
  • Israel Exploration Society
  • Institution of Environmental Sciences
  • International Euphorbia Society


  • Internationella Engelska Skolan
  • IES Ltd (Integrated Export Systems), a transportation software company
  • Integrated Electrical Services, Inc


  • Indian Engineering Services
  • Integrated Encryption Scheme, in cryptography, a public key cryptosystem
  • Intertemporal elasticity of substitution
  • Impact of Events scale

Usage examples of "ies".

Even among clans of our own Civilization of Five Galax ies, we have seen a rise of religious fervor.