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Idre is a locality and ski resort situated in Ă„lvdalen Municipality, Dalarna County, Sweden with 794 inhabitants in 2010. It was also a historical parish and former municipality.

Usage examples of "idre".

Even though Idres was a very powerful mage, Wren was not afraid of her.

Wren could say anything more, Idres quickly did the transfer spell and vanished, leaving Wren alone with her gift.

She hesitated, then decided it was better not to mention Idres or the necklace.

The magicians had been ambivalent about Idres, who was a very powerful magician but allied with no one, and her part in the adventure had been little spoken of.

They are Clariance of North Humberland, Idres of Cornwall, Cradelmas of North Wales, Brandegoris of Stranggore and Anguish of Ireland.