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Ideal solution

In chemistry, an ideal solution or ideal mixture is a solution with thermodynamic properties analogous to those of a mixture of ideal gases. The enthalpy of mixing is zero as is the volume change on mixing by definition; the closer to zero the enthalpy of mixing is, the more "ideal" the behavior of the solution becomes. The vapor pressure of the solution obeys Raoult's law, and the activity coefficient of each component (which measures deviation from ideality) is equal to one.

The concept of an ideal solution is fundamental to chemical thermodynamics and its applications, such as the use of colligative properties.

Usage examples of "ideal solution".

I have already said that the ideal solution to a cutting-out puzzle is always that which requires the fewest possible pieces.

He announced that following a suggestion provided by Jim Lloyd, and as a result of extensive investigation, Central Beet had come up with the ideal solution to the problem.

One of your own kind, as you say, would be the ideal solution, but thats a tough proposition.

One of your own kind, as you say, would be the ideal solution, but that’.

Then it proposed the ideal solution to me: we could be combined to attend classes such days and to travel together to Dallas.

He didn't like it any better now than he had before, even though some of the Big Brains of Staff thought it the ideal solution.

He probably thought you the ideal solution to our mutual-difficulty.