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International Drift Championship Racing (IDCR) acts as both a Drift event sanctioning body internationally, and event production for the International drifting series.

With the large growth and interest in drifting, International Drifting Championship Racing (IDCR) identified a need for more a standardized event format in the sport. Therefore, in 2006, IDCR changed the sport of drifting by announcing its divisional points race system. This was done through a schedule of 32 events in eight divisions across the United States and Canada with two regional races culminating in a national championship race.

Each divisional series consists of two qualifying events, and four races with 32 drivers per event. The drivers for the divisional races will be selected in the two qualifying events. The top eight drivers from each division move on to a regional event of 32 drivers to get the top eight drivers in each region. Those drivers then move to a national event where the top 16 drivers from around the US and Canada will go through elimination rounds to crown the champion for the year.