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IDB can mean:

  • Inter-American Development Bank, also known as IADB
  • Islamic Development Bank, a multilateral development financing institution also known as ISDB
  • Israel Discount Bank, an Israeli bank with branches in the United States as well as in Israel
  • IDB Communications Group, Inc., a constituent of MCI Inc.
  • Illegal Diamond Buying, the term used at the turn of the 19th-20th century for diamond trading outside the De Beers cartel
  • Industrial Development Bank, now the Business Development Bank of Canada
  • Intermediate Debug File, a Visual Studio file type
  • Intel debugger, a proprietary debugger
  • Intelligent drum and bass, a subgenre of drum and bass music
  • Internal drainage board, a type of English and Welsh water level management authority
  • Interface Descriptor Block, a Cisco IOS internal data structure that contains information on network data
  • Irish Dairy Board, the former name of a co-operative enterprise in Ireland, now known as Ornua
  • Industrial Development Board, boards with powers to raise levies from specific industrial sectors in the United Kingdom for co-ordinated action
  • Industrial Development Bureau, an agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of China