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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A bold artist and rugged individualist, Jones loves to lift the lid on the id.
▪ But such an identification was probably more than merely an exercise in wish-fulfilment by the ego on behalf of the id.
▪ It is subject to the same mechanisms as other parts of the id.
▪ The ego is that part of the id which has through perception been modified by the external world.
▪ The gang at id has done a great job giving the player maximum capability with a minimum of fuss.
▪ They started to talk about the ego, id and superego as if they were physical realities located in the body.
▪ We believe, puritanically, that if we control the id everything will be all right.
▪ We live for ever in history, outside ego and id.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

id \id\ ([i^]d), n. (Psychoanalysis) That part of a person's psyche which is the unconscious source of impulses seeking gratification or pleasure; the impulses are usually modified by the ego and superego before being acted upon.


Idem \I"dem\, pron. or adj. [L.] The same; the same as above; -- often abbreviated id.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1924, in Joan Riviere's translation of Freud's "Das Ich und das Es" (1923), from Latin id "it" (translation of German es "it" in Freud's title), used in psychoanalytical theory to denote the unconscious instinctual force. Latin id is from PIE pronomial stem *i- (see yon).


Etymology 1 n. The unconscious impulsive component of the (keyword personality personality) in the Freudian psychoanalytic model. Etymology 2

n. (alternative spelling of ide English) Etymology 3

n. (context computing English) identifier Etymology 4

n. (non-gloss definition: Used in citations to state that the citation is to the work immediately previously cited.)


ID, Id, id or I.D. may refer to:

ID (video game)

iD is a computer game developed by Mel Croucher and Colin Jones and published by CRL in 1986. The game is text-based and takes the form of a conversation with an entity that has the computer. The player's task is to gain the entity's trust and find out what other inanimate objects this entity has inhabited in the past.

Id (programming language)

Irvine Dataflow (Id) is a general-purpose parallel programming language, started at the University of California at Irvine in 1975 by Arvind and K. P. Gostelow. Arvind continued work with Id at MIT into the 1990s.

The major subset of Id is a purely functional programming language with non-strict semantics. Features include: higher-order functions, a Milner-style statically type-checked polymorphic type system with overloading, user defined types and pattern matching, and prefix and infix operators. It led to the development of pH, a parallel dialect of Haskell.

Id programs are fine grained implicitly parallel.

The MVar synchronisation variable abstraction in Haskell is based on Id's M-structures.

Id (comics)

Id The Greatest Fusion Fantasy (이드 pronounced Ee doo) is a manhwa (comic) written by Kim Daewoo , with art by A. T. Kenny. The manhwa version is adapted from the novel of the same name by the same author. The plot is set in a fantasy universe where traditional sword and sorcery elements (mana, elemental magic system, dragons, elves, dwarves etc.) and Chinese wuxia plot elements (qi, taoist ideas, references to jianghu) coexist.

Id (Siddharta album)

Id (stylised as ID) is the debut album of the Slovenian rock band Siddharta, released on 27 May 1999. It was named after Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytical theory of personality.

Id (Veil of Maya album)

[id] is the third studio album by Deathcore band Veil of Maya. It was released through Sumerian Records on April 6, 2010. They worked with producer Michael Keene of death metal band The Faceless on this album. Keene previously worked with the band, producing their previous album The Common Man's Collapse. It is the band's only album to feature bassist Matthew C. Pantelis.

ID (public relations)

ID is an independently owned and operated public relations firm. ID works with actors, directors, writers, musicians, brands, corporations and production companies.

ID was established in 1993 by Kelly Bush and has offices in Los Angeles and New York City.

ID (classification)

ID is a Paralympic rowing classification. The classifications were developed and current as of March 2011.

Id (cuneiform)

The cuneiform sign id, also it, and with other sub-uses, including a sumerogram, Á, for Akkadian language idu, is a common-use sign in the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Amarna letters, and other cuneiform texts. Letters ("d/t") are paired consonants in the Akkadian language ('voiced'/'unvoiced'), thus the other sub-uses of the sign are for ed, et, eṭ, and iṭ. Cuneiform id/it can be a syllabic for ed, et, eṭ, id, it, and iṭ, or an alphabetic for any of the constructs thereof. It is also has a sub-use for á, as well as the sumerogram for Á.

ID (software)

iD is a free software online editor for OpenStreetMap geodata created in JavaScript and released in 2013. It is designed to be simple and user friendly and is used as a default editor on main OSM page.

ID (song)

"ID" is a song by Norwegian DJ and record producer Kygo. The song was released on 10 February 2015 and reached number 31 on the Norwegian Singles Chart. "ID" was also included on the FIFA 16 soundtrack.

It was the official anthem of the 2015 Ultra Music Festival.

Kygo was asked to create the official anthem of the 2015 Ultra Music Festival. A song was used in their trailer for the Miami festival, which took place in March. The track is simply titled "ID" because it doesn't officially have a name. The vocal version of this song is called " Here for You". It features the vocals from British singer and songwriter Ella Henderson, which was released on 4 September 2015.

The instrumental tune follows the style of his highly successful predecessor " Firestone", combining soft melodies with the essence of tropical house.

Usage examples of "id".

Hale displayed his three military-issue IDs, two of them unique to this event and delivered to attendees just two days ago.

Dey certainly haf deh lambs lined up right now for any vey dey vont to twist id.

Freud would call the id, and the one others might refer to as the hedonistic faction, was a stronger bunch: wild, hearty, and unaware of their own strength, or perhaps heedless of it.

ID, Niner suspectedand marched calmly away, back down their approach route.

They were mIDdle riskers, yet after checking their ID, he never questioned their authority.

Treatment with a targeted antiviral would work best, and that requires a positive ID.

Reasoning that the obvious was often the most innocuous, they had flashed a wad of bills and their NUMA IDs and persuaded the owner of the parasail and the winch boat to spare his equipment for a few hours.

DESK CLERK at the Hotel Grandview demanded four pieces of ID, then returned Burke his checkbook and unbent sufficiently to warn him and Sarah that NOAA had put this part of the coast under a tornado watch.

The convicted terrorist got up from his bed and approached the bars as the two agents presented Bureau IDs and identified themselves.

Maybe she had tried to buy a child on one of her tripsso many people did, and the kIDs turned out so badly sometimes: feebleminded, diseased, crazy, the wrong color, with faked IDs and misleading medical histories.

A parasitologist at Eastern Maine Medical Center just confirmed the ID.

Half the pirates and three-quarters of the privateers roaming Silesian space were probably running on faked transponder IDs.

They pick straws who have valID ID, no record, and a steady employment history, in case the gun dealer checks.

Without a word, Roxanne glanced up at Viv, studied her ID, and gave her a slight, unmistakable nod.

That little voice was still whispering in his ear, telling him to get out of it: Get out of town, use your fake IDs and your contacts in the shadow world to chuck it, get clear of it, before these god damned officers get their shit together and think of something.