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ICN is a three letter abbreviation that may refer to:

  • IATA Code for Incheon International Airport near Seoul, South Korea
  • Educational institutes:
    • ICN Business School, French graduate business school in Nancy.
    • UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, an interdisciplinary grouping of physicians and scientists that is part of University College London
  • Associations, congresses and organisations (various):
    • International Competition Network a regulators association.
    • International Council of Nurses, a federation of national nursing associations
    • Iowa Communications Network, an Iowa state agency
  • Computing and digital communications:
    • The Integrated Computing Network maintained by the Los Alamos National Laboratory
    • The Illinois Century Network, an operation by the Illinois Department of Central Management Services
    • Information-centric networking
  • Science and medicine:
    • Iodine cyanide, a pseudohalogen with formula ICN or CNI
    • Inclusion conjunctivitis of the newborn in medicine
    • Intensive care nursery
    • International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants in botany
  • Companies:
    • Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, formerly named "ICN Pharmaceuticals", and prior to that "ICN Radiochemicals"
  • Rail transportation:
    • The ICN (Intercity-Neigezug), a Swiss Intercity Tilting Train
    • The ICN, a Croatian Tilting Train
  • Other
    • Independent Catholic News, a Catholic news website
    • The iCN range of GPS Navigation products from Navman