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n. 1 One who ices. 2 (context entertainment industry English) An ice show.


ICER is a wavelet-based image compression file format used by the NASA Mars Rovers. ICER has both lossy and lossless compression modes.

The Mars Exploration Rovers “Spirit” ( MER-A) and “Opportunity” ( MER-B) both use ICER. Onboard image compression is used extensively to make best use of the downlink resources. The Mars Science Lab supports the use of ICER for its navigation cameras (but all other cameras use other file formats).

Most of the MER images are compressed with the ICER image compression software. The remaining MER images that are compressed make use of modified Low Complexity Lossless Compression (LOCO) software, a lossless submode of ICER.

ICER is a wavelet-based image compressor that allows for a graceful trade-off between the amount of compression (expressed in terms of compressed data volume in bits/ pixel) and the resulting degradation in image quality (distortion). ICER has some similarities to JPEG2000, with respect to select wavelet operations.

The development of ICER was driven by the desire to achieve high compression performance while meeting the specialized needs of deep space applications.

ICER (disambiguation)

ICER may refer to:

  • Incremental cost-effectiveness ratio
  • ICER (file format)

Usage examples of "icer".

Orchid did not press him for details until the next morning when they got into the Icer for the drive back to New Seattle.

Rafe and Selby had left the Icer parked on a side street and simply walked up to the front gate.

The security off icer stationed on the bridge unholstered his pistol and took a step forward.

Ed opened the door to display a young man with a pony-tail and too many earrings holding a tray with a champagne icer and two glasses.

But it will probably lack American specialties like an electric icer or a washing-machine.

Chevette, who has kind of a major thing for Chrome Koran, and cranks them on her bike whenever she needs a boost to proj on, just moves with it now, everybody dancing, even the icers from the bathroom.