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ice tongs

n. tongs for lifting blocks of ice

Usage examples of "ice tongs".

The doctor reached in and got him by the head with a set of dulled ice tongs and jerked him loose and figured everything was all right.

Phineas said, opening the ice tongs and placing a point against each of the kender's temples.

He looked to the right and saw something that made no sense at all: Major Michael Sorensen was standing on a chair in the suite's kitchen holding a burning' napkin clutched in a pair of ice tongs.

Hilda was still carving, ice tongs in left hand, knife in her right, greenish goo up over her wrists.

Humber's own whistle was still there, tucked neatly into a leather retaining strap between a cork-screw and a pair of ice tongs.

While it heated, he laid out on his butcher-block table a set of knives, a suction apparatus, and a pair of heavy, old-fashioned ice tongs that he had found useful in the past for moving guests and other weighty objects around.

He shook the voluminous cloth vigorously, and five or six more pieces of silverware clattered to the floor, followed, after a couple of seconds and one final shake, by a pair of silver ice tongs.