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Ibo may refer to:

  • International Boxing Organisation
  • Iron-Blooded Orphans
Ibo (Mozambique)

Ibo is one of the Quirimbas Islands in the Indian Ocean off northern Mozambique. It is part of Cabo Delgado Province. It grew as a Muslim trading port. Vasco da Gama reportedly rested on the island in 1502. The island was fortified in 1609 by the Portuguese.

In the late eighteenth century, Portuguese colonialists built the Fort of São João, which still survives, and the town, as a slave port, became the second most important in the region after Mozambique Island. The island is now a far quieter place, known for its silversmiths.

Ibo forms part of the Quirimbas National Park and is linked by dhows to the mainland at Tandanhangue.

Usage examples of "ibo".

East Indian agricultural experts always fighting starvation and fighting a depleted land, and Ibo craftsmen who could handle too much water on the crops.

Their language today was basically a corruption of English, although it included much of the noncommon languages of the early settlers, including Hindi, Urdu, Ibo, Arabic, Amharic, Bantu, and Flemish, to name some of them.

Xywanda proposed a toast to Free Nigeria, the city editor offered a drink to the Confusion of the Boers, Xywanda raised a glass to Jomo Kenyatta, the police reporter drank to the fertility of Ibo cattle.

With a single quick movement, the Ibo whirled her round and twisted up her arm behind her back, bending her half forward.

Hogath-37, where the Leaguers are trying to tear ibo our Tandor-Ra conference.

But he told me his father was Nigerian and that in Ibo the word meant a kind of guardian angel or personal God.

Brothers Grimm, or Native American legends of Coyote, or folklore of the Aranda, the Semang, the Yanomamo and Ibo.

The Ibos were not on an island, and Biafra was destroyed by Nigerian numbers and British and Russian weapons and a blockade that no nation on earth made any effort to relieve, not on a scale that could save anyone.