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n. (lb en in Arabic names) son of


IBN or ibn may refer to:

In general

  • ibn, patronymic ("son of") in Arabic personal names (e.g. Ibn Battuta)
  • IBN code page ( Code page 865), a Nordic language code page under MS-DOS
  • Invariant basis number, an algebraic property of a ring analogous to the uniqueness of the dimension of a vector space
  • Internet background noise

In communications and media

  • CNN-IBN, an Indian news channel
  • Immanuel Broadcasting Network, the Christian radio network WCCV, headquartered in Carterville, Georgia
  • InStore Broadcasting Network, provider of in-store radio and television networks
  • Integrated Business Network, a Centrex telecommunications network by Northern Electric/Nortel
  • International Broadcasting Network, Dallas-based Christian media broadcaster that produces programming (mainly for radio)

Usage examples of "ibn".

Fahd and Motlog, of the tribe el-Harb, hunted north from the menzil of Shiek Ibn Jad of the Beny Salem fendy el-Guad.

For months Ibn Jad had been traveling south and now he had come east for a long distance.

When he was sure of that his days of slavery would be over and Ibn Jad would have lost his best Galla slave.

Abyssinia, stood the round dwelling of the father of Fejjuan, almost on the roughly mapped route that Ibn Jad had planned nearly a year since when he had undertaken this mad adventure upon the advice of a learned Sahar, a magician of repute.

Nasrany, and thou mayest know that Ibn Jad will not turn back until he hath that for which he came.

If that bond does not hold him loyal to Ibn Jad, who hath treated him well, why should I pretend loyalty for him?

Nay, I think him a traitor to my father, but Ibn Jad seems blind to the fact.

Camest thou, Sheykh Ibn Jad, to disturb my rest upon so trivial an errand, or earnest thou to release me?

Tarzan, lying with an ear to the ground, had heard him approaching from the moment that he had left the beyt of Ibn Jad.

Fahd, who rode near Ibn Jad, cast an occasional angry glance in the direction of the two.

Thus it came that he stumbled, exhausted, into the menzil of the slow moving Ibn lad.

Remember that when the time comes for distributing the reward and remember, too, that Ibn Jad will be as ready to kill you tomorrow as he was today and that always your life is in the hands of Fahd.

Leopard City of Nimmr, and as they marched Zeyd found opportunity to forward his suit for the hand of Ateja the daughter of Sheik Ibn Jad, while Tollog sought by insinuation to advance the claims of Fahd in the eyes of the Sheik.

Wide eyed she waited, listening, and presently her patience was rewarded by the sounds of the deep, regular breathing of Ibn Jad and his wife, Hirfa.

I be fearful, but death were certain had I not escaped the wrath of Ibn Jad.