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IBC is an initialism that can stand for:

In broadcasting:

  • Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation, Channel 13, Philippines
  • International Broadcast Centre
  • International Broadcasting Company, created by Leonard Plugge
    • IBC Studios, the studios for the above
  • International Broadcasting Convention
  • Inuit Broadcasting Corporation, Canada
  • Iwate Broadcasting Company, Japan

In business:

  • IBC (bus manufacturer), a former Australian bus manufacturer
  • Índice Bursátil de Capitalización, a stock market index in Venezuela
  • Institute of Business Consulting, UK
  • International Bank of Commerce, Texas, USA
  • International business company (or corporation)

In religion:

  • Indiana Bible College, USA
  • International Baptist Church, Singapore
  • International Buddhist College, Thailand
  • International Old Catholic Bishops' Conference, or International Bishops' Conference
  • Irish Baptist College, Republic of Ireland
  • Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies, Israel

In other uses:

  • IBC Root Beer
  • IBC Vehicles, Isuzu Bedford Company
  • Ice Bucket Challenge, ice water dousing to support research into the disease ALS
  • Independence Blue Cross, a US health insurer
  • Inflammatory breast cancer
  • Information-based complexity
  • Intermediate bulk container
  • International Biographical Centre, a publisher
  • International Botanical Congress
  • International Boxing Club of New York
  • International branch campus
  • International Building Code, used in most of the US
  • Moscow International Business Center, a commercial district in Moscow, Russia
  • Interstate Bakeries Corporation
  • Iraq Body Count project
  • Iran Bioinformatics Center, Iran
  • Italy. Common Good (Italia. Bene Comune), a coalition of political parties in Italy
IBC (bus manufacturer)

IBC was an Australian bus chassis manufacturer based in Brisbane.