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IBA or '''iba ''' may refer to:

Usage examples of "iba".

El sabor de la yerba, el sabor del tabaco negro, el creciente filo de sombra que iba ganando el patio.

Zarlenga, previo decomiso de la valija, lo iba a echar desnudo a la calle por no poder abonar la cuota de la cama.

Then Iba was fired from the job for taking the rest of the day off from work.

For some perverse reason Iba had a passion for pickled and smoked porcuswine tails, and always brought a container to work.

Manila Bay: they wiped out the air bases at Clark Field and Iba, landed at Vigan and Legaspi, at each end of Luzon Island, and started marching towards Manila in the middle.

But, even in the twenty-first century, Tariq iba Zachir accepted that it was his duty to maintain a conservative lifestyle.