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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hyson \Hy"son\, n. [Chin. hi-tshun, lit., first crop, or blooming spring.] A fragrant kind of green tea.

Hyson skin, the light and inferior leaves separated from the hyson by a winnowing machine.


n. A Chinese green tea.


n. a Chinese green tea with twisted leaves


Hyson, or Lucky Dragon Tea, is a Chinese green tea that comes from the Anhui province of China. It is made from young leaves that are thinly rolled to have a long, twisted appearance that unfurls when brewed. The name Hyson is likely a Cantonese name meaning "flourishing spring" . However, some believe it was named after an English tea merchant, Phillip Hyson. Hyson is graded into the following three categories: Mi Si, Cheng Si and Fu Si.

While hyson tea is often thought of as a low-grade or mediocre quality tea, young hyson is considered high quality. It is harvested earlier, "before the rains," and has a full-bodied, pungent taste and is golden in color. Young hyson tea is subdivided into Chun Mee (a hard, small, twisted leaf), Foong Mee (a long, large, curly leaf), Saw Mee (a small, non-hard, twisted leaf), and Siftings. It is also sometimes classified as First, Second, and Third Young Hyson. The Chinese name for young hyson is Yu Chin Ch'a and is categorized as the following: Mi Yu, O Yu, I Yu, Ya Yu as well as Si Yu.

Usage examples of "hyson".

Either Hyson has blundered wonderfully, or some magnetic influence has disturbed our instruments.

Just about daybreak the watch on the fo'csle-head shouted out that he heard the sound of surf ahead, and Hyson thought he saw the loom of land.

And this robotics bigbrain named Hyson showed us a tape of some new androids they've got in California.

I tell Council as I git older I don't seem to enjoy Young Hyson n'r Gunpowder.

One stack was delicate Young Hyson while the next was partially fermented Oolong, known in Chinese as the "black dragon.