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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hyrcanian \Hyr*ca"ni*an\, Hyrcan \Hyr"can\, a. Of or pertaining to Hyrcania, an ancient country or province of Asia, southeast of the Caspian (which was also called the Hyrcanian) Sea. ``The Hyrcan tiger.'' ``Hyrcanian deserts.''

Usage examples of "hyrcan".

Crown Prince and of Prince Ascendant Hyrcan, the snubs of her half-sisters.

Rolend moved back into the shadows by the window as Hyrcan snaked a stool under him.

He banished the thought hastily, lest he laugh aloud and Hyrcan take offense.

Such hobbies likely would have to satisfy Hyrcan, unless Sedry found other tasks for him.

Sedry was confident she would support him for himself, it would be much easier with Hyrcan at his side.

He did not bother to offer any to the Crown Prince: Hyrcan still did not drink.

No easy task, drunk or sober: He increasingly feared this younger brother, though Hyrcan raised no threat, overt or otherwise, against him, never held his Trait over Sedry.

The last three revolts Hyrcan had put down so savagely that the whole country reverberated with the horror tales even yet.

Sedry held out an arm and Hyrcan moved forward to take it, coming into the light for the first time since entering the room.

Sedry held his gaze steady with terrible effort: His sudden recall of his question to Hyrcan the night before did not help his nerve.

Then Hyrcan suddenly smiled, a movement of his mouth that went nowhere near his eyes, and he bowed formally, backing down two more steps as he did so.

Thy grey hairs are of no account to Prince Hyrcan, and would not save thy skin, did the Crown Prince wish it from thee.

Baldyron stepped between the Archbishop and Hyrcan, hand gripping his hilts.

I rather think, Prince of Jesters instead, Hyrcan the Fat and Unwieldy!

Gespry inquired kindly, dodging as Hyrcan brought down an overhand swing at his neck.