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In front of them in turn, Hyrald and Adren stood either side of Rhavvan.

It was an unexpected and unsettling thought, and it made Hyrald falter as he braced himself.

The impact knocked Hyrald backwards and he tripped, nearly losing the sword.

It was swiftly done, but it was a noisy procedure which made Hyrald and the others wince openly and left the young man gasping with pain and leaning heavily on Rhavvan.

Vashnar proclaiming the Death Cry against Hyrald and the others is causing great problems.

The coat was unfastened and Hyrald noted immediately that he was unarmed, apart from what was obviously a working knife in a rough string-bound sheath shoved into his belt.

Whatever else he might be, Hyrald decided, he was no immediate threat.

Rhavvan mounted, dragging the injured and protesting Warden unceremoniously across his saddle, while Hyrald and Nordath took the other two horses with Adren and Thyrn.

Once again Hyrald felt disorientated as the stream was moving faster than they were, giving the impression when he looked down at it that he was not moving, or even moving backwards.

Increasingly, Hyrald noted, he was becoming less and less the frightened man they had encountered on the shore.

For crying out, Hyrald, would you have gone tearing all the way up here on such an errand?

In a dip between two of them, Hyrald could just see the bright line of the sea.

For a moment Hyrald thought there was going to be a repeat of his mysterious collapse.

His arrival, however, was a reminder to Hyrald that time was against them.

And so vivid was his telling that Hyrald could almost feel the vision taking shape inside him.