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n. (context uncountable English) A state of decreased blood volume.


n. a blood disorder consisting of a decrease in the volume of circulating blood [syn: hypovolaemia] [ant: hypervolemia]


Hypovolemia (also hypovolaemia or oligemia) is a state of decreased blood volume; more specifically, decrease in volume of blood plasma. It is thus the intravascular component of volume contraction (or loss of blood volume due to things such as bleeding or dehydration), but, as it also is the most essential one, hypovolemia and volume contraction are sometimes used synonymously.

Hypovolemia is characterized by sodium (salt) depletion and thus differs from dehydration, which is defined as excessive loss of body water.

Usage examples of "hypovolemia".

The shock could be from hypovolemia, that is, too much blood loss or from cardiogenic shock from injury to the heart.