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Hynes is an Irish surname, anglicised from the Gaelic Ó hEidhin. Notable people with surname include:

  • Eidhean mac Cléireach, fl. 800, ancestor of the Ó hEidhin/Hynes family of south County Galway
  • Andrew Hynes (1750–1800), founder of Elizabethtown, Kentucky
  • Charles J. Hynes, former District Attorney of Kings County, New York
  • Daniel Hynes (born 1968), Comptroller of the State of Illinois
  • Devonte Hynes, member of the band Test Icicles
  • Frally Hynes, third wife of American singer-songwriter Ben Folds
  • Garry Hynes, award-winning Irish theatre director
  • Jessica Hynes (born 1972), English actress and writer, most renowned as one of the stars of the UK sitcom Spaced
  • James Hynes (born 1955), contemporary American novelist
  • John Hynes (politician) (1897–1970), Massachusetts politician, mayor of Boston 1950-1960
  • Jon Hynes, American classical concert pianist
  • Laurence Hynes Halloran (1765–1831), pioneer schoolteacher and journalist in Australia
  • Marc Hynes (born 1978), British race car driver
  • Martin Hynes, American screenwriter, director, actor and producer of independent films
  • Mary Hynes (broadcaster), Canadian radio and television broadcaster
  • Peter Hynes (born 1983), Irish footballer
  • Ron Hynes, folk singer-songwriter from Newfoundland
  • Tyler Hynes (born 1986), Canadian actor

Fictional characters:

  • Joe Hynes, character in James Joyce's novel Ulysses