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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hydroxyl \Hy*drox"yl\, n. [Hydro-, 2 + oxygen + -yl.] (Chem.) A compound radical, or unsaturated group, HO, consisting of one atom of hydrogen and one of oxygen. It is a characteristic part of the hydrates, the alcohols, the oxygen acids, etc.


n. (context chemistry English) A univalent radical or functional group (–OH) in organic chemistry; present in alcohols, phenols, carboxylic acids and certain other classes of compounds.


n. the monovalent group -OH in such compounds as bases and some acids and alcohols [syn: hydroxyl group, hydroxyl radical]


Usage examples of "hydroxyl".

When he concentrated on the odours assaulting his nose, he could pick up the traces of hydroxyls, propylene, styrene and various aminoplastics.

Its air of sanctity disturbed him, just as the air itself heavy with molecules of hydroxyls and kevalins was like a plastic blanket thrown over his face, blinding him, smothering him.

The spectrometers now recorded not churning steam but ionized free oxygen and hydroxyl radicals.

The chief difference between progesterone and the corticoids is that the latter have a hydroxyl group on carbon-2i, whereas progesterone does not.

What is the name of the class of organic compounds with the general formula R-OH, where R represents an alkyl group made up of carbon and hydrogen, and OH represents one or more Hydroxyl groups?

Though by replacing an amino group with a hydroxyl you obtained, instead, Furiol, Antagonil, Rabiditine, Sadistizine, Dementium, Flagellan, Juggernol, and many other polyparanoidal stimulants of the group of so-called phrensobarbs (for these prompted the most vicious behavior, the lashing out at objects animate as well as inanimate&mdash.

The hull was smooth and featureless to the eye, of course, but Morrison was quite certain that there was an electric field that bulged in just the locations where the hydroxyl groups would be in the glucopyranose structure, the bulges taking on just the shapes they would in the natural molecule.

One of the four nucleotides in the DNA has a hydroxyl radical where DNA nucleotides on Earth just have a hydrogen ion.

Thus, there is \j-ethynylestradiol, in which a two-carbon chain is attached to carbon-iy in addition to the hydroxyl group.

CBG acid may be con- verted to CBGM (CBG acid monomethyl ether), or a hydroxyl group (OH) attaches to the geraniol portion of the molecule forming hydroxy-CBG acid.

Together, hydrogen and the hydroxyl radical combine to form water, the basis for all life as we know it.

They were found mostly in the part of the spectrum between the hydrogen and hydroxyl radical lines, where theory had long predicted that water-based life would be apt to concentrate its communication efforts.

The distributed observing system around the L-4 Argus Station still explored the ancient water-hole of the early investigators, between the spectral lines of neutral hydrogen and the hydroxyl radical, and to that they had added the preferred zone of neutrino resonance capture, a region undreamed of in early SETI work.

The space between the emissions of interstellar hydrogen and hydroxyl radical at round about 1420 MHz.

This was Spider Plant Alley, renamed after the plants that mopped up hydroxyls, much as Poulsen had said.