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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hydro- \Hy"dro-\, Hydr- \Hy"dr-\

  1. A combining form from Gr. ?, ?, water (see Hydra).

  2. (Chem.) A combining form of hydrogen, indicating hydrogen as an ingredient, as hydrochloric; or a reduction product obtained by hydrogen, as hydroquinone.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

before vowels hydr-, word-forming element meaning "water," from Greek hydro-, comb. form of hydor "water" (see water (n.1)). Also sometimes a comb. form of hydrogen.


pre. 1 water 2 (context chemistry English) hydrogen 3 (context mineralogy English) a hydrous compound 4 (context zoology English) Hydrozoa

Usage examples of "hydro-".

Instantly, the control room filled with holographic images, a crowd of milling beings, mimicking various kinds of oxy-, hydro-, and machine life.