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Hy \Hy\, a. High. [Obs.]



Hy (alternately, Hylang) is a dialect of the Lisp programming language designed to incorporate with Python by translating expressions into Python's abstract syntax tree (AST). Hy was introduced at PyCon 2013 by Paul Tagliamonte.

Similar to Clojure's mapping of s-expressions onto the JVM, Hy is meant to operate as a transparent Lisp front end to Python's abstract syntax. Because Lisp allows for operating on code as data, Hy can be used to write domain-specific languages. Hy also allows for Python libraries (including the standard library) to be imported and accessed alongside Hy code with a compilation step converting the data structure of both into Python's AST.

HY (band)

HY is a Japanese rock band formed in 2000 by five high school friends from Okinawa. Their name comes from the initials of their hometown, Higashi Yakena. The band's popularity rose rapidly after a series of street performances; their debut album, Departure, released on 22 September 2001 (Okinawa-only), sold out immediately. In 2003, the band conducted a joint live performance with Linkin Park.

Their second album, Street Story, released on 16 April 2003 topped the Oricon charts, staying at number 1 for four straight weeks (Indies Artist Record). Their third album, Trunk, was released on 12 April 2004, and yet again debuted at number 1 — the first time such a feat has been accomplished by an indies artist.

The band's fourth album, Confidence released on 12 April 2006, created yet another indies music record by debuting at number 1 and retaining the top spot for two consecutive weeks. HY has sold out all of their solo concerts. Their 2006 tour was a 47-location nationwide tour which sold out the day that the tickets became available. The tour gathered over 88,000 people. In December 2006, HY's Kumakara Amae ("from the present to the future") concert held in Nippon Budokan and Osaka-jo Hall sold out immediately and gathered over 20,000 fans in two days. HY entered the international music scene, starting with their first-ever overseas tour, beginning in Toronto, Canada, and extending to seven major US cities.

Their fifth album, HeartY, was released on 16 April 2008. The album debuted at number 2 and sold over 300,000 units to date.

In January 2010, HY's sixth album "whistle" was released. The band topped the Oricon chart. and December 2010, they performed at the 61st NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen. In December 2012, HY released their eighth album "Route 29" which contained the theme song of the NHK Asadora Jun to Ai and performed at the 63rd NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen.

Usage examples of "hy".

Hier en daar schemerde, vergeeld wit en fluweelig van een woekerend mos, een verminkt beeld op een voetstuk, een Flora of een Pomona.

Me, Gorice the Twelft, Greate Kyng of Wychlande and of Ympelande and of Daemonlande and of al kyngdomes the sonne dothe spread hys bemes over, unto Corsus My servaunte: Thys is to signifye to the that thoue shalt with all convenient spede repaire with a suffycyaunt strengthe of menne and schyppes to Daemonlande, bycause that untowarde and traytorly cattell that doe there inhabyt are to fele by the the sharpnes of My correctioun.

Manner der Geschichte hier und dort gehofmeistert werden, als dass sie uns mit Glasaugen ansehen, so meisterhaft immer die Kunst sein mag, die sie ihnen eingesetzt hat.

Sum fable that it was for thys cruel facte sake that King Goriyse was eat by divels on the Moruna with al hys hoste, one man onely cumming home again to tell of these thynges bifallen.

Hij vestigt zich daarna met zijn liefje in zijn eigen of in haar hol en legt hier gangen aan, die op de gewone jachtgangen gelijken, maar voor een geheel ander doel bestemd zijn, namelijk om het wijfje er in op te sluiten, wanneer zich een medevrijer vertoont.

I covenanted and hyred John Hammond, jentleman, to serve me in his honest servyces for one yere, and to have 30 dolers for his full and all manner of wages.

Ik vind, je bent niet verantwoord, als je niet meer voor je gezondheid doet, dan je in die drie maanden, die wij hier zijn, gedaan hebt.

But for that he coude nat fynde certayne ende of goodnes and hyest felicite in naturall thinges: nor induce men to the same, he gaue the hye contemplacions of his mynde to moral vertues.

Here with xxvii schyppes and the moare partt of my peopell I sayling upp ynto the Frith Micklefrith did fynde x or xi Daemouns schyppes asayling whereof had Vol the commaundemente withowt the herborough of Lookingehaven, and by and by did mak syncke all schyppes of the sayd Voll withowt excepcioun and did sleay the maist paart of them that were with hym and hys ashipboard.

On the farther side of this range Gholam Hyder, the Afghan commander-in-chief, lay with a powerful force, which, at the time of the actions I have described, amounted to nine battalions, six squadrons and fourteen mountain guns.

Chail, three mages of indescribable power: Kernai Yrter, Iopry Gyrn and Taliia Hyren and a young mage of the third level of magic named Elanora Jovan, set out on a journey.

Silva, niemand minder dan onze eigenste generale overste, gelooft dat God hier en daar een schildpad op het hek heeft gezet.

Het kwam er nu maar hier op aan: hadden meneer en mevrouw iets tegen zijn persoon, of wilden zij de kinderen toestaan van elkander te houden en te wachten, tot zij samen de wereld konden ingaan, zonder al te groote waarschijnlijkheid, dat zij van honger zouden omkomen?

Out of the hotte blood of whome, did rise vp a flying horse: who striking vppon a Mountaine with one of hys houes, made a strange springe of water to gush out.

Schools never failed to give Eve the jitters, but she walked with Hyer across the great hall.