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n. The monetary unit of South Korea from February 15, 1953 to June 9, 1962.


Hwan can refer to:

  • South Korean hwan, a defunct currency
  • Hwan-guk, a mythical Korean nation
  • Hwan (name), Korean given name and name element
Hwan (name)

Hwan is a rare Korean family name, as well as an element in Korean given names. Its meaning differs based on the hanja used to write it.

Usage examples of "hwan".

I told Schulze to escort Tan Hwan farther down the road where he could board the tank without being seen by his companions or the civilians.

Tan Hwan had already mentioned that the guerrilla camp was farther up in the hills and that the enemy was waiting for the explosions before attacking the convoy.

Riedl remained in charge of the convoy and I stayed in the tank with Tan Hwan, the driver, and the two gunners.

Dropping back inside I saw Tan Hwan falling from his seat, blood oozing from his head.

Hwan believes that this man was involved with the bombers who attacked the Palace, and that you check his fingerprints to find out who he is.