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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a hushed whisper
▪ They spoke in the hushed whispers of churchgoers.
low/quiet/hushed tones
▪ They sat at the far end of the carriage, talking in hushed tones.
▪ From the hushed tones of the conversations, I knew what was happening.
▪ They relate the story in a hushed tone, watching carefully for a reaction.
▪ We talk, using the hushed tones you would reserve for a furtive conversation in church.
▪ They sat at the far end of the carriage, talking in hushed tones.
▪ Sometimes, in hushed voices in the evenings, I heard my mum and the Quigleys talking about money.
▪ The cars stopped and everyone got out, standing around in little groups, talking in hushed voices.
▪ Theirs was a twilight world of hushed voices, concealed books and illegal exhibitions.
▪ She told Antonia about it in a hushed voice the night her friend came to sleep over at her house.
▪ Then came Budapest, the Embassy where people talked in hushed voices.
▪ A hushed congress heard the official declaration of war.
▪ She spoke in a hushed whisper, "I think my husband knows about us.''
▪ Two men in dark suits were having a hushed conversation in the corner.
▪ Between each song, a chant pushes up like a hushed inhale, murmuring from a hesitant corner.
▪ Everyone in Club World looked all hushed and grateful to be there, but not Luke, who looked exhaustively displeased.
▪ In the hushed surroundings of a smart restaurant, Boon fiddles enigmatically with a fob watch on a neck chain.
▪ Lately there had been too many hushed conversations and long telephone calls behind the doors of their London apartment.
▪ The lights dim and hushed expectancy shudders through the packed house.
▪ They returned two hours later, when the foreman addressed the hushed courtroom with their unanimous verdicts.
▪ They wait hushed, like the crowd before the soldiers, each waiting to see what the others will do.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

hushed \hushed\ (h[u^]sht), adj.

  1. having the sound level reduced; -- especially used of the noise of conversation; as, speaking in hushed tones.

    Syn: muted.

  2. having relatively little noise; as, a hushed church.

    Syn: quiet.

  1. Very quietly. In soft tones. v

  2. (en-past of: hush)


adj. in a softened tone; "hushed voices"; "muted trumpets"; "a subdued whisper"; "a quiet reprimand" [syn: muted, subdued, quiet]

Usage examples of "hushed".

When he had finished, he stepped back toward the radiator and spoke in a low, hushed voice.

They passed their hushed recollections back and forth like precious trinkets.

So they rolled on, and their voices died away, and their steps were hushed, and Glendower, insensible and cold as the iron he clung to, was once more alone.

Dark and hushed, the river flowed sullenly on, save where the reflected stars made a tremulous and broken beam on the black surface of the water, or the lights of the vast City, which lay in shadow on its banks, scattered at capricious intervals a pale but unpiercing wanness rather than lustre along the tide, or save where the stillness was occasionally broken by the faint oar of the boatman or the call of his rude voice, mellowed almost into music by distance and the element.

Zack lay, and saw his face turned towards her, hushed in deep, still, breathless sleep.

How fearfully like what might be the image of him in death, was the present image of him as he lay in his hushed and awful sleep!

The days passed, one after the other, in a calm as hushed as the silver moments before dawn.

When everyone started talking at once, she hushed them and beckoned to Niffa.

In all that vast Council Chamber there was no movement, save the slight commotion among a group of red-robed senators farthest from the throne, who were forcibly detaining the Senator Marcantonio Giustiniani, and the imperative gesture from the dais which had waved him back and hushed his involuntary exclamation of horror.

And she herself had hushed the grieving quiver of his lip, and quickly filled his dimpled hands with flowers to win the farewell caress of that dancing smile which irradiated his face like an April sunbeam, parting the pink lips over a vision of pearly infant teeth.

All those things were known in Venice, and were repeated and retold, in hushed voices of horror, and some of those things were even true.

His father and foster mother rarely spoke of her, and when they did it was in hushed tones, and they made the sign against evil.

Empress closed her eyes briefly to resist the defenseless feelings flooding through her at the hushed words, words inflected with infinite shades of meaning and interpretation.

Perhaps the sunshine of some one single Sabbath of more exceeding holiness comes first glimmering, and then brightening upon us, with the very same sanctity that filled all the air at the tolling of the kirk-bell, when all the parish was hushed, and the voice of streams heard more distinctly among the banks and braes.

Hyacinthe went toward him, and the people, unused to seeing her there for a long time past, hushed their talk, and one of them marked the newness of the light that shone in her eyes and the happiness that smiled on her lips as she came.