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Hushang or Hōshang (in ), older Persian Hōšang, was the second Shāh to rule the world according to Ferdowsi's Shāhnāma. Hushang is based upon the legendary figure Haošyaŋha in the ancient Zoroastrian scripture of the Avesta.

Hushang is also called Pishdād (پیشداد), older Pēšdād, corresponding to Avestan Paraδāta.

Hushang (name)

Hushang , older Persian Hōšang, is a Persian male given name.

The following people have the given name Hushang:

  • Hushang, a character in the Persian epic Shahnameh.
  • Hushang Hamidi, an Iranian Kurdish politician.
  • Hushang Ansary, an Iranian politician.
  • Hushang Ebtehaj, an Iranian poet.

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